Eddie Yu, founder of Mindlogr and tech investor presents...

A book for people who are serious about building an online business that lasts.


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Hi and welcome,

Since starting business in 2001 and becoming an entrepreneur I thought it was time I shared some of the valuable lessons I've learned about creating successful online businesses.

This is the 2nd edition of the book Speedlights & Elephants and contains the latest updates on what's hot in the world of online business. The secrets in this book are aimed to help you build a successful, value driven online business that will stand the test of time.

Split into 12 chapters, I'll take you on a journey from how to develop a new idea, all the way through to creating an internet strategy for your new business. If you have any doubts as to whether or not you can succeed with your own online venture, I can assure you that after reading my book, you'll know that it is possible and well within your reach.

Start today and create a life worth living for yourself.

Eddie Yu


Eddie has identified the keys to creating a successful online business and explains how you can build any idea into online success.

Penny Power OBE, Founder of Ecademy.com

This is the book you need to read if you're serious about building a successful online business.

Daniel Priestley - Author of 'Key Person of Influence'

Eddie's ideas about online business will transform any entrepreneurial idea from a seed into a strong tree.

Sean Stephenson, Author of the book "Get Off Your 'But': How to end self-sabotage and stand up for yourself "

Eddie Yu's captivating style of writing coupled with his easy to follow program is essential reading for anyone looking to make it powerfully online and in the game of life. This original book is full of timeless wisdom as well as cutting edge concepts. I have already begun to apply many of the ideas and am laying a solid foundation for my online presence.

Dominic Knight, founder of Dominic Knight's Harley Street Clinic

Eddie breaks down how anyone can follow their passion and turn it into an online money machine. Even someone like myself who has created a powerful personal brand on the internet was able to have a few AHA moments while reading the book.

David Wygant, Dating and Relationship Guru

A fantastic captivating read. The principles taught in this book can be used to excel in the online business game and adapted to think about other areas of your life where you to achieve success.

Dr. Gusharan Virdee, Clinical Psychologist

You won't go out the same person you came in! Eddie talks the talk and walks the walk his passionate writing style stimulates the heart and the brain! If you want to develop the mindset that you can achieve anything and get inspired into taking action on building a successful online business...YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!

Mark Phoenix, Transformational Guide

Having read this book, I have gone from being totally ignorant and afraid of how to profit from the internet's maze of on-line solutions, to now having enough information to navigate my way forward and embark on an exciting voyage of new discovery.

Jan Dawood, Managing Director Josh Cameron Consulting

Fill a room with 500 internet marketers and Eddie is one of the handful that are actually running a successful six figure internet business. I've been there to verify this! His accomplishments are inspirational and yet achievable. What he's done anyone can do. And in this book he shares the essentials of how he did it. This book is a must read for anyone considering setting up a business, especially and internet based one

Tarek Naja - Senior Consultant

I was delighted to hear that Eddie had brought together his experiences and beliefs into this book. Not only is it a valuable reminder that dreams can become a reality, it is a practical toolkit to help the most inexperienced entrepreneur overcome the obstacles associated with the overwhelming world of internet business.

Emma Harvey, Senior Consultant Cezanne Software

Probably the most comprehensive and inspiring book on starting an on-line business available

Robert Lewis, Film Director & Producer